Just sharing thoughts and things I've learnt everything from Powershell to Web to Docker and Cloud and anything in between.

General tools

Recording gif - Gifcam get it from Chocolatey
Capture screen grabs on Windows - PicPick
Capture screen grabs on Linux - Flameshot
Invert mouse scrolls on MacOS - Scroll Reverser
Window management on MacOS - Spectacle
Exploring processes on Windows - ProcessMonitor
Launching programs on Windows - Wox Install via chocolatey
Finding large files/directories - WinDirStat
Cloning disks - Macrium Reflect
Syncing folders - FreeFileSync
Disable Right Click context for WIN10 - ShellExView
Manage remote files - WinSCP

Dev tools

Creating bootable USB Drives - Refus
Comparing text - Beyond Compare
General purpose file tool - Swiss File Knife
Removing lock file/folder - LockHunter
Console Emulator - Cmder
Themes for Cmder/Conemu - ConEmu-Color-Themes - Oceans16
Console Emulator - Deepin with the Dracula or Evu theme

Networking tools

Scanning IP range - Angry IP Scanner

Visual Studio tools

Finding files - DPack
Attaching to IIS - Attach To All The Things

Visual Studio Code tools

Theme - Winter is coming - Dark blue no italics
Git - Git Lens

Text Editor Addons

Insert numeric sequences to multi-cursor selections on Sublime Text- Text Pastry

Tab completion tools

Docker completion for Powershell 6 - DockerCompletion
Git completion for Powershell- Posh Git

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